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Spinning Stories

I teach spinning at five gyms from forty-five minutes to an hour and half. The energy in each class is different, although there are common themes. Spinning is a group exercise class that fuses elements from the sport of outdoor cycling, mind/body fitness and traditional exercise. Spinning attracts multiple fitness levels, all ages and types of people. Music is a huge part of class – motivating and enhancing the workout experience. Every week I spend time choreographing music into the class design to push students to their maximum. I love teaching and my students, well most of them. Here are my top 25 favorite Spin moments.

1. The saddle on my bike hurts my butt.
2. Resistance on bike not working, bike not leveled and I can't clip my shoes in.
3. Student talking the entire class and looking at me to see if I notice.
4. Texting, talking after I say no phones, texting, sexting or picture taking.
5. Lots of singing, dancing and begging for my music playlists every week.
6. Fighting over bikes to be the nearest or farthest away from fan as possible.
7. Continued discussion over fan during class, too hot, too cold, like/hate fan.
8. Signaling me without saying my name to get off my bike and turn the fan on.
9. Cute, sexy outfits and tight spandex men wear even if they shouldn't.

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10. Happily singing out of tune but not realizing or caring.
11. Mean glares and murder looks from students who think I'm the “Spin Nazi”.
12. Being called “Spin Nazi”, “Task Master” and “Crazy Spin Lady”.
13. Arriving late, getting on/off bike throughout and leaving class early.
14. Sweating profusely, creating a pond underneath the bike.
15. Crying after not getting into a full class.
16. Married couples taking class together but not interacting.
17. Non married friends riding next to each other acting like their married.
18. Laughing, crying, moaning, and other in describle noises.
19. Smelly, sweaty, stenchy room after class.
20. Students that come to class and never do the drills in class.
21. US Olympic, Iron Man, Century, Tri Athletes attending class.
22. Author Michael Lewis working hard while taking notes on his note pad.
23. Riding with shoulder patches, arm sling, and bandages.
24. Not coming to class for over a week and insisting being out of shape.
25. Falling asleep on the bike but still pedaling.
26. Hard of hearing and visually impaired students who ride like champions.
27. Complainers, it's too hard, not hard enough, music too loud, not loud enough.
28. Covering ears until I turn down the music.
29. Wearing sandals and jeans to class.
30. Coming to class every week and riding like a ROCK STAR.



OMG make this F'ing Election over!

Funny Election Video Links for viewing pleasure.

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Ending with a great short film reminding us to be proud of our differences, and to never forget that we are all in this together as Americans.

Film by Sean Penn and Kid Rock
Ending with a great short film reminding us to be proud of our differences, and to never forget that we are all in this together as Americans.



It’s that time of year again with parties, events and celebrations of all kinds. In other words, the season of delicious holiday food. Let’s be honest, the season started at Halloween. There is no escaping the plethora of scrumptious food no matter what age, gender, ethnicity, religion or status you may be. So what do we do, we eat holiday food (food in general) and talk about it. There are many ways to describe really good food and actually there are many words to use, to describe really good food. Here are a few of them; delicious, delightful, wonderful, tasty, amazing, pleasing, scrumptious fantastic, orgasmic, enticing, marvelous, sweet, healthy or great. Even using words like really appealing, appetizing, savory, lovely, heavenly, divine, glorious, juicy, salivating, blissful, delectable, satiating, luscious, succulent, titillating, enjoyable, gobsmacked, alluring, sinful, splendid, or flavorful sound nice. Many people open their eyes real big and make the “mmmmm” sound when using one of these words. There are many phrases like, mouth watering, lip-smacking, finger-licking, melt in your mouth, licking your lips, orgasm on a plate, shouting to “eat me”, absolutely sinful, full of zest and zing, fit for a king, coma inducing, sweet as pie, full of flavor, pleasing to the palate or tasty foods with a wonderful aroma. At times we add the word “good” to some of the phrases. There are less sophisticated phrases like; more than good or very, very satisfying, much more than tasty, super delicious and deliciously awesome. At times, there is a real justification for using a swear word like “fucking the best”, “so damn good”, or even “that shit is the bomb” to emphasis a point. I enjoy hearing teenagers use words to describe really good food; dope, hardcore good, OMG, the bomb, tight, sick, ill or off the chain. I have even used swear words and teenage swagger to describe food at times. It might not be classy or appropriate for a thirty-nine year old to use such expressions, but I think it’s ok, unless I’m having the conversation with my Grandma or Mom. And yet, the word I hear most often to describe food by adults talking to other adults is the word “yummy”, which I find to be very annoying. I’m not talking about using the word “yummy” and “yum” to describe food when talking with or feeding children. Then the word is acceptable even the phrase “yummy to my tummy” is okay, well not really but whatever. If I recall from my babysitting years, “yum” was the only word I heard young Eli’s say for some time. I immediately understood what he meant, “that food is good, I want more”. Maybe I even said, “Isn’t that yummy Eli?”, but I don’t think I did, since the word bugs me so much. Babies say “yum” and “yummy” to describe food and that is welcoming and appropriate. When adults say the word “yummy” to describe food I find it ridiculous. It’s probably true that I’m the only one bothered by this. I would much rather hear “wow that is some bad ass, orgasmic, finger-licking good food we had at dinner tonight!” than the mac and cheese was “yummy”. It’s clear I have “hearing the word yummy issues”. It’s becoming apparent that my feelings about the word are the minority. Earlier this evening I got a single word text from a friend describing the food at a local restaurant, “yummy”.

When I grow up, I want to be……

Cute video encouraging students to attend, learn and achieve.

Watch video I'm an Oakland School Kid


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A Swim; Making Waves to Fight Cancer!

On the weekend of October 4-6, 2013 I participated and photographed one of the most special, emotional, rewarding, uplifting and insightful experiences of my life; Swim Across America, San Francisco Bay Swim, Making Waves to Fight Cancer. Swimmers gathered at Crissy Field, traveled to Pier 3 and then boarded a boat for a ride around Alcatraz ending just under the Golden Gate Bridge. Swimmers of all ages and levels participated. There were cancer survivors, supporters, donors, volunteers on land and sea, first time swimmers and cheering spectators. I watched and documented families and friends old and new bonding, sharing uplifting stories and life lessons in preparation for the really big “jump into the Bay” just under the Golden Gate Bridge. A record, 273 swimmers along side kayakers and padders swam in 62 degree waters to Crissy Field Beach for a swim totaling around 1.5 miles. There were 20 Swim Angels, 8 US Olympians and 22 “Teams” which made for friendly competition and fundraising. The morning concluded with a celebration and “Team” photographs at Crissy Field Beach on the most gorgeous 85 degree day that I remember. My team lead by Susan Helmrich – Team Susan Survives raised $62,295. Please watch Beating Cancer One Lap at a Time; Video of Susan Helmrich to see her story, which is truly incredible and has inspired me in so many ways. All the money raised by the SAA -SF Bay event fund valuable, cutting-edge cancer research at both the
UCSF Benioff Children’s Cancer Survivorship Program and the Center for Cancer Research at Children’s Hospital Research Center Oakland.

We all have been effected by Cancer in some way. For me, losing my Step-Father Fred Steinhardt, at age 59 in 2000 from Pancreatic Cancer changed my life forever.