Occupy Oakland

I would not say that I participated in the “Occupy Movement” however I have watched and read about cities through out the world protesting based on “Occupy Wall Street” movement. After the unfortunate incident with police and protesters in Oakland at the end of October I became more interested. It wasn’t that I didn’t agree with people taking issues with banks, big corporations and Wall Street before, but felt OK watching or reading about it on the news. After the tear gas in Oakland, it became an Oakland Pride thing for me. I guess whatever it takes, huh? I thought Occupy Oakland General Strike on November 2 had a great vibe, energy and organization. I was really impressed. I’m not talking about the night time trouble makers, graffiti, arrests, ect.. During the day I saw energy, lots of smiling faces, families that had taken their children out of school for the day (what an awesome teaching lesson) old people, young people, professionals, the unemployed and everyone in between coming together as a community. I liked seeing doctors, nurses, teachers, designers, computer programers, city planners, artists, students, to name a few unifying as one to show support for Oakland and the greater cause of social change. I saw so many signs about EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, OCCUPY Oakland not the MIDDLE EAST, POETS for the People, MUSICIAN for Change, CAL BERKELEY STUDENTS for the Future, my favorite CHILDREN’S Support will OCCUPY the FUTURE ,and of course STAND with the 99%. I’m so glad I went!

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