It’s that time of year again with parties, events and celebrations of all kinds. In other words, the season of delicious holiday food. Let’s be honest, the season started at Halloween. There is no escaping the plethora of scrumptious food no matter what age, gender, ethnicity, religion or status you may be. So what do we do, we eat holiday food (food in general) and talk about it. There are many ways to describe really good food and actually there are many words to use, to describe really good food. Here are a few of them; delicious, delightful, wonderful, tasty, amazing, pleasing, scrumptious fantastic, orgasmic, enticing, marvelous, sweet, healthy or great. Even using words like really appealing, appetizing, savory, lovely, heavenly, divine, glorious, juicy, salivating, blissful, delectable, satiating, luscious, succulent, titillating, enjoyable, gobsmacked, alluring, sinful, splendid, or flavorful sound nice. Many people open their eyes real big and make the “mmmmm” sound when using one of these words. There are many phrases like, mouth watering, lip-smacking, finger-licking, melt in your mouth, licking your lips, orgasm on a plate, shouting to “eat me”, absolutely sinful, full of zest and zing, fit for a king, coma inducing, sweet as pie, full of flavor, pleasing to the palate or tasty foods with a wonderful aroma. At times we add the word “good” to some of the phrases. There are less sophisticated phrases like; more than good or very, very satisfying, much more than tasty, super delicious and deliciously awesome. At times, there is a real justification for using a swear word like “fucking the best”, “so damn good”, or even “that shit is the bomb” to emphasis a point. I enjoy hearing teenagers use words to describe really good food; dope, hardcore good, OMG, the bomb, tight, sick, ill or off the chain. I have even used swear words and teenage swagger to describe food at times. It might not be classy or appropriate for a thirty-nine year old to use such expressions, but I think it’s ok, unless I’m having the conversation with my Grandma or Mom. And yet, the word I hear most often to describe food by adults talking to other adults is the word “yummy”, which I find to be very annoying. I’m not talking about using the word “yummy” and “yum” to describe food when talking with or feeding children. Then the word is acceptable even the phrase “yummy to my tummy” is okay, well not really but whatever. If I recall from my babysitting years, “yum” was the only word I heard young Eli’s say for some time. I immediately understood what he meant, “that food is good, I want more”. Maybe I even said, “Isn’t that yummy Eli?”, but I don’t think I did, since the word bugs me so much. Babies say “yum” and “yummy” to describe food and that is welcoming and appropriate. When adults say the word “yummy” to describe food I find it ridiculous. It’s probably true that I’m the only one bothered by this. I would much rather hear “wow that is some bad ass, orgasmic, finger-licking good food we had at dinner tonight!” than the mac and cheese was “yummy”. It’s clear I have “hearing the word yummy issues”. It’s becoming apparent that my feelings about the word are the minority. Earlier this evening I got a single word text from a friend describing the food at a local restaurant, “yummy”. sc.edb.gov.hk


  1. GiGi says:

    hardcore good blog!!!

  2. kraig says:

    Can be

  3. JoanL says:

    Hell, I found your post having Googled “adults who say yummy,” because I wanted to see if I had any company in its making me grit my teeth. Turns out I have plenty of company and it’s all good company. So, no, you’re not the only one.

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