About Me

1. I came out to California to visit my brother and never went home.
2. I live in a tree house studio with both Oakland and Berkeley addresses.
3. I lived with the Bedouins in the Sinai Desert in Egypt, after high school.
4. I teach Spinning 10 times a week and practice Bikram Yoga.
5. I played soccer when I was little and was better than all the boys.
6. My parents are business partners, talk 20 times a day, but are not married.
7. My favorite art medium is architecture and favorite city – New York!
8. I have learned the most from being around children.
9. I love playing tennis and learned from my Grandmother Elaine.
10. I have always wanted to be a race car driver and am obsessed with car design.
11. I have a PHD in Curly Hair!
12. I know all the lines from Dirty Dancing,Trading Places and Good Fellas.
13. I love sports, Detroit and Michigan teams in particular.
14. I wrote out all the lyrics to Little Red Corvette by Prince for my 4th grade class.
15. I can write backwards well and once wrote a poem for my boyfriend.
16. I collect hearts and have been doing so since 6th grade.
17. I want to marry Bill Maher for his jokes.