going to temple with my Dad

Going to Temple Beth El with my Dad for the high holy days is always an experience. This year my Mom met my Dad there. My Dad likes to sit in front, but my My Mom likes to sit in back and since my Dad always runs late, they sit in back. They know everyone at the service and everyone knows them. They see Susie and Norman Pappas, who they known since college, and Susie whispers to my Dad “I knew you and Janice would get back together.” My Dad smiles and replies, “Oh Susie, that’s a good one.” See my parents aren’t married or back together, they just act like they are. (They are kitchen designers and have a business together) The first topic of conversation between my parents is about the architecture and design of the building. My Dad looks up and says “stunning, just stunning” and my Mom adds “Yamasaki also designed the original Twin Towers in NY.” It does not matter who is with my Dad at Temple, in no time he is talking. He sees a client and starts talking about her amazing art collection. He asks my Mom if she is making his favorite chocolate chip banana bread for dessert? He sees someone he went to elementary school with and comments on how old she looks and how there’s no reason to look old. My Dad starts digging into his pocket for a mint, offers one to my Mom and continues talking about how much he loves the music and cantor. He says “today the cantor is good but last night at the Kol Nidre service (which they also attended together) she was fabulous!” Then he comments on the flowers, “the flowers look good, but not as good as last year and the flowers that I arrange, look much better. My Mom agrees with my Dad about the flowers. After the service they both call me and tell me about the service. My Mom reports that the only time my Dad stopped talking was when he fell asleep or when he couldn’t get his candy wrapper opened. “Your Father couldn’t open his candy wrapper and during the silent “mediation” (I meant to write meditation) he’s fiddling around, making all this noise and everyone is looking at us!” A minute later my Dad calls and said “I thought your Mother looked great and the sermon was particularly interesting this year, it was on bullying.” They both tell me that after the service my Dad turns to my Mom and says “Jan, oh I mean (my Mom lectured my Dad about calling her Jan, she prefers Janice which my Dad thinks is funny because he’s been calling her Jan for almost 35 years) Janice I think its time for a nice, little snack, don’t some doughnuts, cider and a nice Kosher hot dog sound good to you.” My Mom replies “Gary it’s Yom Kippur!’ They both laugh and my Dad says “You know I can’t fast all day without a snack!” They leave temple together and drive separately to meet each other, at the Franklin Cider Mill, for a snack.

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  1. amanda wolfe says:

    That is really funny! First of all, your blog is great. and your writing style is very entertaining! Love the picture
    and Ryan is a spitting image of your dad in that picture! Hilarious.
    Happy New Year to you. I got to spend our break the fast with your mom, love her.
    Miss u

    • karle says: (Author)

      Thanks Amanda! My Mom texted me that she had so much fun with all of you! And that Ruby had straight hair!!! LOL. I need a photo of that. Happy New Year to you too! xoxo, Kar

  2. Carol Mullins says:

    Love your Freudian Slip regarding “meditation’! My Dad was a Unitarian Minister. He would have enjoyed it immensly as well.

  3. Michelle Wexler says:

    I think there’s a screenplay in your future! I’m in hysterics – can’t wait for the next installment. Keep writing! xoxox, Michelle

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