Spinning Stories

I teach spinning at five gyms from forty-five minutes to an hour and half. The energy in each class is different, although there are common themes. Spinning is a group exercise class that fuses elements from the sport of outdoor cycling, mind/body fitness and traditional exercise. Spinning attracts multiple fitness levels, all ages and types of people. Music is a huge part of class – motivating and enhancing the workout experience. Every week I spend time choreographing music into the class design to push students to their maximum. I love teaching and my students, well most of them. Here are my top 25 favorite Spin moments.

1. The saddle on my bike hurts my butt.
2. Resistance on bike not working, bike not leveled and I can't clip my shoes in.
3. Student talking the entire class and looking at me to see if I notice.
4. Texting, talking after I say no phones, texting, sexting or picture taking.
5. Lots of singing, dancing and begging for my music playlists every week.
6. Fighting over bikes to be the nearest or farthest away from fan as possible.
7. Continued discussion over fan during class, too hot, too cold, like/hate fan.
8. Signaling me without saying my name to get off my bike and turn the fan on.
9. Cute, sexy outfits and tight spandex men wear even if they shouldn't.

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10. Happily singing out of tune but not realizing or caring.
11. Mean glares and murder looks from students who think I'm the “Spin Nazi”.
12. Being called “Spin Nazi”, “Task Master” and “Crazy Spin Lady”.
13. Arriving late, getting on/off bike throughout and leaving class early.
14. Sweating profusely, creating a pond underneath the bike.
15. Crying after not getting into a full class.
16. Married couples taking class together but not interacting.
17. Non married friends riding next to each other acting like their married.
18. Laughing, crying, moaning, and other in describle noises.
19. Smelly, sweaty, stenchy room after class.
20. Students that come to class and never do the drills in class.
21. US Olympic, Iron Man, Century, Tri Athletes attending class.
22. Author Michael Lewis working hard while taking notes on his note pad.
23. Riding with shoulder patches, arm sling, and bandages.
24. Not coming to class for over a week and insisting being out of shape.
25. Falling asleep on the bike but still pedaling.
26. Hard of hearing and visually impaired students who ride like champions.
27. Complainers, it's too hard, not hard enough, music too loud, not loud enough.
28. Covering ears until I turn down the music.
29. Wearing sandals and jeans to class.
30. Coming to class every week and riding like a ROCK STAR.




  1. Carol W. Weinstein says:

    Hey Karle –

    No. 16 sounds familiar. Love your blog!!!!

    • karle says:

      I don’t know how he doesn’t notice you, with your cute outfits and sexy self!

  2. Mark M says:

    Guilty as charged on number 14……forgive me?

  3. Karle – Wonderful blog! Accurate insights! Oh dear, I apologize for…. you said it all.
    Thanks for being such a great Spin Teacher! You mesmerize all of us – you just go go go and so we go go go.
    Your Tuesday spin class is the ultimate way to end the day 5:30-7:00. Wish there were more days at that hour!

  4. Debra M says:

    #7 We old people really need the fan or we die! Hee Hee You’ll understand some day.

  5. miriam wilson says:

    Okay, I found #17–my friend Mike would howl with laughter. You are a great teacher with even greater insight!

  6. Mischa says:

    Love these Karle!
    Hahaha on #9 and 14
    YES on #30! When I can’t be on my Cannondale – I’m on a spin bike as much as possible.

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