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Last weekend I photographed a family in Half Moon Bay and on the way down I stopped at the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival. It took forever to get thru all the “pumpkin” traffic but was well worth it. I've never seen so many pumpkins in my life! There were Halloween themed activities going on too, like haunted houses, a spooky spider display, pumpkin carving contests, hay rides, face painting and costume contests. I only stayed for a little bit because I had to get to my photo shoot. but it made me think about Halloween costumes. Honestly, I never dress up, but once I wore devils ears and a tail to teach my spinning class. I love seeing other people wear costumes and have come up with some ideas for this year. My favorite for a couple is to dress up as Prince William and Princess Kate. Prince William would be dressed in a bright, red, Irish guard uniform with a blue tunic. The costume would be adorable for a little tot, especially if he doesn't have much hair. Princess Kate could wear a white wedding dress with lace overlay, tiara and veil, with satin white shoes. Although no candy eating would be tolerated in the costume, for it would be too messy and not proper. The “Little Royals” could have their 'Mum' walk behind with a double stroller spray painted in gold leaf, with red velvet seats, which would be their carriage. It be really cool if the kids said “trick or treat” with a British accent. This 'get up' could work well for a teenage boyfriend and girlfriend too. They could make the costume more exciting by going with a “ZOMBIE” look. Another idea for the whole family is everyone could dress up as iPod GENERATIONS. Grandpa could be the “Classic”, Mom an “iTouch”, the boy could be be a silver “Nano” and the little girl could be a hot, pink “Shuffle” cuz they're so little and cute. The Dad could be the “Genius” aka Steve Jobs dressed in a black mock turtleneck, 501 blue jeans, sneakers and round eye glasses. He would have two Ipods, a Shuffle in his little jean, front pocket and a Nano hanging out of his back pocket ( like a comb). Other celebrities I thought of being are, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. But who would want to wear an itchy blue wig, white shiny boots, with five inch heels or a a “meat dress”? I would LOVE to dress up as Natalie Portman from the movie, Black Swan, but then I wouldn't be able to eat any candy on Halloween or really any food at all for weeks! I should stay focused on costume ideas for other people though, because I'm not dressing up. My idea for bad boys, like Arnold Schwartzenegger would be a business suite with big muscles popping out, accompanied by a woman dressed up as a maid. Another “winning” costume could be dressing up as Charlie Sheen. I actually think Don Drapper from the TV show Mad Men, would be a better option than Charlie. All the 'bad boy' would need is a dark gray suit, thin tie and belt, a drink in hand (can be apple juice in a sippy cup if it's a little boy) and lots of pomade hair gel. Someone might mistake the Don Drapper costume as Mitt Romney (probably not Don's way cuter) but only if he had a bible instead of a drink and is accompanied by a cult. Speaking of groups, you could get a gang of people to act dysfunctional, disorganized and to disagree on everything and dress up in identical, mediocre business suits and they could go in costume as the members of Congress. But they probably wouldn't get much candy, definitely not any Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Speaking of candy, a crafty kid could construct a candy vending machine costume, and put all my (I mean the kids) candy in the machine compartment and not have to carry that silly plastic, pumpkin bucket while trick or treating. I think babies look the cutest in Halloween costumes. If I were a Mom, I'd dress my baby up as some type of food like a piece of shrimp, pea pod, peanut, or California sushi roll. Or a cup cake, ice cream cone or Tootsie roll. I also like babies dressed up as ladybugs, little lambs, piglets, lions or spring chickens with alot of feathers. I heard that a popular costume this year for a Mom and baby duo, is to be a character from Angry Birds. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what Angry Birds is but hear it's an addicting game people play on a cell phone and the angry birds try to shoot cute pigs. Speaking of animals, I hear its trendy to dress up your pet, especially if you have a dog and definitely if you have two boy dogs and they are gay. The first idea that comes to mind is a small sized, United States Military uniform for one dog and a color coordinated, mini striped, sailor uniform for the other. Lastly for recycling conscious kids, borrowing friends costumes from last year is smart thinking. It's better for the environment, cheaper and it's ok if little Lucas wants to borrow his best friend Grace's, ballerina outfit with a pink tutu. Happy Halloween! %%anc%%


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