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breaking my toe on a photo shoot

I knew I broke my toe the minute it happened. I was coming down off of a SUV (that I insisted I had to be up on) in order to get a good photograph of a historic building in downtown Oakland. Right before, I said to my assistant, “Don’t worry I do this all the time”. It’s not that I climb up on top of SUV’s all the time but I have before and will do anything to get the photograph I want. I have been on the ledge of waterfalls, on top of moving vans and have photographed in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Detroit alone. I wouldn’t have it any over way. But next time I will not wear my Ugg Boots and will be more careful after learning that it will take two months for my toe to heal! Not being able to do my normal routine (working out every day nor spinning on the bike with my classes) is more painful for me than the broken toe. I can take lots of pain, but I can’t sit still. I actually tried teaching my spin class on the bike before I got an x ray and lasted eight minutes. Even though I think I’m invincible and in great shape, the reality is that I’m almost 40 years old, not 18. Friends have asked, “was it worth it?” I say with a smilie, “Yes, because my client is happy and loves the photographs”. That is most important and always will be, even if I get a little roughed up along the way.

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By the way, my client’s name is Catherine Hailey and she is running for judge in Oakland Ca. I will post her web site when it’s up. She’s a fantastic person, top notch attorney and quite a talented cyclist. (she takes my Spinning Class)

Also note that the awesome mural that is on the side of the Historic building in Oakland, Ca (see photo) is done by Michael and his son John Manente who go to town on a 30 foot mural called the People of Oakland. Watch video to see them at work.


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