finding love at Trader Joes

Some of us go to Trader Joes for the Tempting Trail Mix, others go for the cheap, interesting wine and some go for the Chocolate Chip Dunkers. I go for the free balloons and ready to eat Grilled Strips of Chicken. Last November, my brother Ryan, met the love of his life, Tierney at Trader Joes. What a lucky guy, Tierney is more interesting and better than any of the wines, more sweet than any of the chocolate bars even the Bittersweet Chocolate Pound Plus (with almonds) and even if I tried, I couldn't of picked a more perfect person for my brother. I love them together and think they will have many happy years together shopping at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. (sorry TJ's but ya don't have everything,Tierney is Gluten Free and Ryan pointed out to me that Whole Foods has signs telling you which items are Gluten Free). I love this girl, before Tierney, Ryan didn't even know what Gluten Free was, he thought GF stood for Gary Fried (our Father).


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