dog lovers

I’m learning that dog lovers are crazy, I mean dedicated about everything to do with their dogs. I recently joined two couples and their children, I meant dogs on an outing to Point Isabel Dog Park in Richmond. Known as “Disneyland Land” for dogs, this park is Dog Mecca. Not to mention the “greatest place on earth” for Dog Lovers. Not only can you walk your dog off leash, there’s tons of free open space for dogs to explore, chase tennis balls, socialize and be free. And there’s a beach! Plus, at the end of your day you can take your pup to Mud Puppies for a bath. To me, the park felt like Cheers, “Where Everyone Knows Your Dogs Name”. I watched people and their dogs. I heard, “Oh look at Max, he’s matured so much, I guess the dog discipline school is paying off”. “Would you look at Fluffy, still unable to interact with the other dogs, it must be heard for her owners”. “Look at the chemistry between Taffy and Sam, we have to set up a play date!” And “I never let Lady D go in the water, it would mess up her hair”. I noticed how much fun the dogs were having. Some dogs listened to their owners “Buddy, don’t run so fast, you’ll hurt your ankle” and other dogs ran as fast as they could, “Benji, your going to be tired (in a mad tone) and we are not going home early!” I learned about doggie daycare, dog hotels, spas, pillows, vitamins and leotards for dog yoga. Hmm, the pose downward dog came to mind. I saw so many different breeds of dogs interacting and all the dog lovers were so friendly. I did seem to be the only one at the park without a dog. Little did anyone know that I was undercover, doing top secret research for my blog or that I photograph dogs! I wonder if they knew that photographed for The Bark Magazine. Someone did notice me taking a photo (I Phone) of my friends’ dogs swimming. The said, “all the photos I take of my dog are blurred and Daisy never stays still.” Ah I thought, amateur and gave them my business card. Check out the article in the New Yorker called The Social Animal for more laughs.

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