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Hi, my name is Karle and I have curly hair. It took me years to say that. When I was young I would pray that my hair would be straight. When I was in middle school, I would spend hours blowing my hair straight only to have it frizz up the minute I went outside. In high school I had long, straight hair extensions (yes in the 80's) to hide my curls. I had straight hair envy which is what they call people like me in the NY Times article, Making Waves with No Apology. If you read the article you'll know why. I didn't like the fact that I had tightly curled, frizzy, wavy, kinky, fro-like, crimped, “BIG” hair. I was especially annoyed when someone asked if I had a perm, or worse, if I'd recently had my hair cut. Didn't they know? I never got my hair cut, and by the way my hair was really three inches longer than it looked! In my late 20's and 30's I didn't care, I wore my hair curly, and to my surprise got compliments. I tried every curly hair product on the market and spent hundreds of dollars. An ex-boyfriend suggested I think about a curly hair product budget. One day, I googled curly hair cut, and found the Madusalon in San Francisco, which changed my life. I found out about Lorainne Massey, who invented Devachan, a curly hair movement based in New York and author of the book, Curly Girl. All the stylists were trained and the products were made for curly hair. They even have their own hair dryer with a cool hand attachment. All the products and services were available at Deva hair salons thru out the country and they were not overly expensive. The first time I went into a Deva Salon I felt like I had walked into Curly Hair Anonymous. The guy sitting next to me and I had the same hair, even the same curls underneath! Last time, I went to a Deva hair salon closer to my house in Oakland, called Vero. Next time I'm gonna try the one in Marin. I just love getting my hair cut now, and even think my curly hair is sorta cool.


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  1. Linda Konop says:

    I always battled my curly hair. In middle school I wanted to get a perm so my curls looked like they were permed and not natural. My brother always teased me and said he was going to come to one of my “fro reductions” aka haircuts with his friends and videotape me.
    I am over that trauma and now love my hair most of the time.

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