cool summer

I grew up in Michigan and in the summer it was hot, humid and sticky with mosquitos everywhere. I didn’t like it so much but now that I live in Berkeley, Ca, I miss it. No mosquito bites and I wear a down jacket to the beach. This summer has been cooler than usual. I wore my entire summer wardrobe over 4th of July weekend, changing outfits on the hour. The rest of the summer I wore layers and jackets and saved my summer clothes for traveling to Michigan. I’ve lived in Berkeley for over 15 years and still haven’t gotten used to cool summers. To me, summer is supposed to be hot. In the Bay Area, fall is warmer. Now that it’s September, it feels like summer to me.

Photographs taken at Tennessee Valley In Marin, Piedmont Community Pool in Piedmont and Claremont Hotel and Resort in Berkeley.

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