my first catfriend

I never thought I was a cat person until I fell in love with my first cat friend, No No (real name Matzoh Ball). He and I bonded immediately. He was handsome, independent, swayed his hips when he walked and was a big hunter. He often brought me presents like birds, mice, rats and gophers. At first, I didn't like the presents he picked for me, but I got used to them. He loved me, especially when he wanted a massage, or when he wanted to play head butt games. At night, he would nudge his way onto my pillow and I would whisper and he would purr, until we got too loud and were told to “quite down”. He was very romantic, yet sometimes got scared and would freak out and hide under the bed. No No loved being outside, it was his arena. But when I'd see him outside, he'd pretend like he didn't know me. But one time I was playing tennis with Benny, the boy who No No loved more than anyone, and he got our attention. All of the sudden, No No was running across the tennis court, back and forth watching us, wanting to play tennis with us! It was really cute. I haven't seen No No for over a year, but I'm sure he's still doing the same routine, sunning indoors, waiting for someone to massage him and hunting outside. No No was a great, first cat friend. Now I have new cat crushes, on two girls, Ahi and Ella. Ahi's birthday is coming up, I'm going to get her an iPad (with this cool game) for cats. You don't think I'm going over board do you? Ahi hasn't updated her status (on facebook) to “in a relationship” yet. Betcha she will after she gets my present! Check this out!



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